MRP & Heyday Properties redefine the work experience with cleancode®️ technology

April 25, 2022 2:56 PM

-Cleancode® helps differentiate MRP Realty from the competition-


MRP Realty is a leading owner, developer and operator of commercial real estate. As part of its property portfolio, it manages the Heyday office building in Washington D.C. which offers tenants a boutique hotel experience.  The building features numerous common areas, including coffee stations, a conference center, fitness center and other amenity spaces that help set it apart from other office buildings in the area.  Launched in April 2020, soon after the pandemic began, MRP Realty understood it needed to do something to ease Heyday tenants’ concerns when returning to the office.

“We are all about servicing our tenants, and Heyday is all about these awesome amenity spaces,” said Glenn Hugo, regional manager, MRP Realty.  “We needed to make people feel comfortable using the common spaces by showing them that we were cleaning and disinfecting regularly.”


Cora Technologies approached MRP Realty about its Cleancode platform. Cleancode gives building guests real-time visibility into how and when areas of a building are cleaned. It uses QR codes to make it easy for people to see an area’s cleaning status simply by pointing their smartphone or tablet camera at a QR code.

“Cleancode is a great tool for helping us to get everybody back in the building and feeling safe,” Hugo said. “In places where we want people to congregate, Cleancode gives people transparency into how we are cleaning.”

Hugo also says that Cleancode differentiates the Heyday property from other office buildings in the area.

“Cleancode is a game changer from a leasing perspective,” Hugo added.  “It’s a powerful tool we promote during leasing tours. For higher-end buildings like ours, you’ve got to stand out. This is one of the tools we have that helps us do just that.” 

Cleancode QR codes are placed in common areas throughout the building. After scanning a QR code, tenants and other building guests can view a countdown to cleaning timer, indicating when an area has been cleaned or will be cleaned. They can also sign up to receive SMS alerts on real-time cleaning activity and make service requests. 

The platform also helps Hugo and his team make smart decisions based on platform data to improve cleaning operations. 

“The tool keeps everybody honest,” Hugo said. “Cleaning staff are being held accountable, but it isn’t just about checks and measures. It’s about engagement and anticipating tenant needs. We can analyze if cleaning frequency is working. If we need to clean more or less often, we can do so to improve efficiency and facility cleanliness.”

Hugo also says the platform was easy to roll out and is intuitive to use.


MRP Realty has experienced numerous benefits since deploying the Cleancode platform, including:

  • Cleancode helps MRP Realty to differentiate its building from other Washington D.C. area properties
  • The platform gives added assurances to building tenants that its amenity spaces are clean and safe
  • Cleaning teams can anticipate tenant needs to enhance tenant satisfaction
  • Cleancode improves cleaning operations efficiency by optimizing cleaning frequency

“Cleancode is a powerful technology that’s just scratching the surface in terms of what it can do and capture,” Hugo said.  “It’s a great tool to get everybody in the industry to up their game.  In higher-end buildings, you’ve got to have something that makes you stand out, and this does just that.”

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