New Cleancode Platform Creates Transparency and Accountability Around Facility Cleaning

February 28, 2022 12:39 PM


New Cleancode Platform Creates Transparency and Accountability Around Facility Cleaning

-Cleancode provides building guests peace of mind that a facility is clean and safe -

Potomac, MD. (Feb. 28, 2022) — Cora Technologies today launched cleancode®, a web-based platform built to track, schedule and validate facility cleaning using QR codes that makes it easy for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to clean and safe facilities. Cleancode helps facility managers and property managers make smart decisions based on building intelligence to improve cleaning operations.  

“Facility cleanliness is more important now than ever before,” said Chase Carlson, CEO, Cora Technologies. “With a quick scan of a QR code, building occupants can engage with the cleaning platform in real time leading to their increased confidence as well as enhanced accountability by cleaning professionals. It also helps businesses leverage data within their cleaning programs to improve occupant and visitor satisfaction and achieve compliance with third-party certifications.”

Cleancode has no hardware or apps; it is accessed easily by scanning QR code decals placed strategically throughout a facility in high touch and high-traffic areas called zones. Each QR code provides access to a real-time countdown to the next cleaning of that specific area as well as a full cleaning history. Visitors can sign up to receive text alerts on real-time cleaning activity, submit service requests and score overall cleanliness.    

Through a powerful client portal, facility operators build intelligence behind their cleaning programs with dashboard metrics allowing them to review and address service requests, understand which areas haven’t been cleaned on schedule or that need to be cleaned to a higher standard, deploy cleaning teams more efficiently and much more.

“Cleancode is an essential component of a successful facility management strategy,” Carlson added. “The platform is a connection between cleaning professionals, building operators and the general public. It helps businesses uphold brand reputation and create a competitive edge in a world increasingly focused on cleanliness.”

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